For pensioners abroad: Attestation de Vita (AdV) in corona time

18 May 2020

Attestation de Vita (AdV) in corona time
If you are retired and living abroad, we request a "proof of living" from you annually. This is also called an Attestation de Vita (AdV). The embassy or consulate can issue or stamp/sign the proof of being alive. This proof of being alive is necessary for the payment of your pension. This query took place last April. We cannot estimate whether the corona crisis (COVID-19) will affect obtaining proof of life. You may not be able to arrange for proof of living due to the corona crisis.

I received a form but cannot get it filled out now. What now?
If, due to the corona crisis, you are unable to arrange a signature or stamp for this AdV on short notice, no problem. We have extended the response period by one month, in other words, you have three months from the date of the letter to return the form.

So you now have until July 1, 2020 to complete, get signed and return the "proof of living" form.