Investing for your pension

An important core task of Nedlloyd Pension Fund is to invest the pension money. A good investment return must ensure that Nedlloyd Pension Fund can pay the pensions, but also that the Nedlloyd Pension Fund board can decide to increase the pensions annually.

The investment policy

Pension funds invest pension money. This is because investing yields more money in the long run than putting the money in a savings account. By investing, we keep pensions affordable.

Nedlloyd Pension Fund invests the pension money that is placed with Nedlloyd Pension Fund. The investment policy sets out how we invest the money. Nedlloyd Pension Fund wants to try to adjust the pensions each year in line with price increases. But we don't want to take too much risk.

Nedlloyd Pension Fund therefore invests part of the money in investments with more risk, such as shares and real estate. Nedlloyd Pension Fund expects to get more return from these. With this return, Nedlloyd Pension Fund wants to increase the pensions each year. With the other part of the money, Nedlloyd Pension Fund invests less risky investments. For example, in bonds. The goal is to use this return to pay the promised pensions.

Socially responsible investing

Nedlloyd Pension Fund considers it important to invest in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. In the investment policy we therefore take ecological, social and policy issues into account. Nedlloyd Pension Fund adheres to the guidelines drawn up by the United Nations (Principles for Responsible Investment). Nedlloyd Pension Fund also takes into account ESG criteria, which relate to the environment, society and corporate governance.

We implement our policy by not investing in certain companies or countries. For example, countries that violate human rights. Or companies that produce controversial weapons. In addition, Nedlloyd Pension Fund also exercises its voting rights at shareholders' meetings and we enter into dialogue with companies to improve the way they operate.