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If you change jobs

If you change pension providers

If you change employers and thereby move to another pension plan, you can choose to take your accrued pension with you. We call this value transfer. You do this with your new pension administrator. Be well informed about this in advance. Whether value transfer is a good choice depends among other things on the financial situation of your current and your new pension provider.

If you decide not to request a value transfer, your pension will remain with Nedlloyd Pension Fund and will be paid to you from your retirement age.

Is your accrued pension higher than € 594.89 per year?
Then you decide whether to take your pension with you. This may be advantageous, for example, if your new employer has a better pension plan. Or maybe you want all your pensions with one administrator. Do you not want to take your pension with you? Then your pension will remain with Nedlloyd Pension Fund. Would you like help making your choice? We will be happy to help you.

If your accrued pension is less than € 594.89 per year and more than € 2.
Then Nedlloyd Pension Fund will automatically ensure that your pension goes with you to your new pension provider if you left employment after January 1, 2018. Nedlloyd Pension Fund therefore checks annually at whether you accrue pension with a new pension administrator. If you do not have a new pension provider, your pension will remain with Nedlloyd Pension Fund.

Did your pension accrual stop after 1 January 2019 and is your accrued pension lower than €2 per year?
Then you will not receive that pension. This is determined by law.