Our Pension scheme

Since January 1, 2020, Nedlloyd Pension Fund has been a closed fund. This means that no more pension contributions are paid into the fund and pensions are only managed and paid out.

Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds

Receiving pension

We pay your pension every 25th of the month. Does the 25th fall on the weekend? Then we will pay your pension on the Friday before that weekend.

Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds

Pension accrued

In five minutes you can read about what is provided for your pension.

Nedlloyd Pensioenfonds

Changes in your situation

Events in your life can affect your retirement. For example, if you get married, get divorced or approach retirement.


Uniform Pension Statement (UPO)

Every year you receive a statement of your pension. View your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) and get answers to important pension questions.

Please note: at this moment the UPO is not yet visible in MyNPFPension. The UPO is expected to be available in MyNPFPension in the 3th quarter of 2023.

Uniform Pension Statement

Indexation Policy

Each year, the board assesses whether the fund's financial position is good enough to adjust your pension in line with price increases. We call this indexation.

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