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You built up a mandatory pension with us. You did so through your employer. Each employer has its own scheme. This Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you do and do not get in our pension plan. This is important to know, for example, if you change jobs. The Pension 1-2-3 does not contain personal information about your pension. You can find that information on your annual Uniform Pension Statement, in My Pension and at

What can you find on layers 1, 2 and 3?

The Pension 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers. In the first layer, you can read briefly the most important information about your pension scheme. In layer 2 you will find more information about all the subjects in layer 1. By clicking on a topic in layer 1 you will see layer 2 with more information on that topic. Finally, you can click through from layer 2 to layer 3. There you will find the legal and policy information of our pension fund. You can also request layers 1, 2 and 3 from the pension fund.


What do you get in our pension plan?


What choices do you have yourself?


How secure is your pension?


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