Receiving pension

Payment dates 2023: we will pay your pension benefit every 25th of the month

Does the 25th fall on a weekend? Then we will pay your pension benefit on the Friday before that weekend. At MyNPFPension you can see your personal pension information.

Going abroad during your retirement

Do you move abroad during your retirement? If so, nothing will change in your gross pension. However, you do need to pay attention to a number of other things.


We deduct a number of statutory amounts from your gross pension benefit. These include payroll tax and health insurance premiums.

Retirement benefit


Each year, the board assesses whether the fund's financial position is good enough to adjust your pension in line with price increases. We call this indexation. For example, the policy funding ratio must be at least 110%. On January 1, 2023, the pensions at Nedlloyd Pension Fund were increased by 13.9%. Prices rose by 14.5%.

More on indexation

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to change the account number where you receive your pension benefits? Log in with DigiD or eIDAS and you can change your account number directly and without fuss under My Details in MyNPFPension. You will then receive your next pension benefit on your new account number.

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What choices do you have in retirement?

Find out what choices you can make when you retire. For example, the choice to first receive a higher retirement pension for a few years, followed by a lower retirement pension.