9 January 2024


Increase in pensions by 2024

We have news. As of Jan. 1, 2024, we are increasing all pensions or pension entitlements!
25 September 2023


Personal pension statement 2023 available

28 August 2023


New independent chairman of the board

Jacco Heemskerk is the new independent chairman of the pension fund.

Your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary to properly perform the verification of the digitally transmitted 'Proof of life' and to ensure safe use of the app. After the verification process has been successfully completed, the data will be deleted or anonymized so that this data can no longer be traced back to you.

The app is provided by Hyfen B.V. ("Hyfen") to our pension administration organization. Hyfen uses third parties to provide the app. Processing agreements have been concluded with Hyfen and the third parties it uses. These agreements stipulate that these parties may only use the data for the purposes of the app and nothing else. These parties thereby use appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of your personal data in accordance with the AVG and to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Your data is stored in the EU and the United Kingdom (UK). The EU's so-called AVG "adequacy decision" allows personal data to be stored securely in the UK in accordance with the AVG.

  • For identification and authentication of proof of identity and proof of life, the following data is collected: selfie and data appearing on your proof of identity, such as first and last name, date of birth, gender, BSN, proof of identity document number and passport photo.
  • For technical support of the app, data is collected such as; IP address, unique identifier that is not directly traceable to you. This code is generated by the app provider to identify, for example, the device you are using (this code does not identify other user activities).
  • To improve the quality of use of the app, data is collected such as; type of phone, Android/iOS version, what type of identity document was scanned and read and whether it was successful, and the number of times the app was used.

When using the 'Proof of Life' app, the data collected while using the app is deleted from your phone as soon as you close the app.

The 'Proof of Life' app uses the so-called "ReadID" technology. This technology allows your proof of identity to be verified with a smartphone. By reading the RFID chip on your ID, ReadID can verify that it is an authentic ID and read the personal information. Verification of an identity card is followed up by facial matching: Your live photo and/or video of you ("selfie"), taken with your smartphone's camera, is compared to the passport photo found on your identity card. In this way, it can be determined that the data read out actually belongs to you and that you are actually alive ('life proof').


By providing us with your selfie and the data contained in the RFID chip on your ID via the 'ReadID Ready' app, you give us permission to use this data. This is the only way we can properly verify the 'Proof of Living' you digitally transmitted.

Do you not want to consent to the use of your data via the app? Then you can always abort the authentication process prematurely by closing the app during the authentication process. You can then continue to complete the 'Proof of being alive' on paper.