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Welfare fixed pension

We try to adjust your pension placed with Nedlloyd Pension Fund in line with price increases. This is only possible if the financial position is good enough. If it is not, we cannot increase your pension.

How much increase is possible?

Normally, money loses a little value less each year. You can buy a little less next year with €100 than you do now. To make sure your pension keeps its value, we try to increase your accrued pension every year. Whether this is possible depends on our financial position. The board decides at the end of each year whether we can increase, and if so by how much.

Whether your pension is actually increased depends on the financial situation. For example, the policy funding ratio must be at least 110%. On January 1, 2023, all pensions/pension entitlements were increased by the maximum possible percentage for our fund of 13.9%. The financial position of our pension fund makes this increase in your pension possible.