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Partner's and orphan's pension

If you pass away, a benefit is arranged through Nedlloyd Pension Fund for your dependents. We call this the partner's pension or orphan's pension. Nedlloyd Pension Fund will contact your dependents to arrange the benefit. If you live in the Netherlands, your dependents do not have to inform us of your death. We automatically receive this information through the municipality.

Partner's pension

In addition to your old-age pension, you also accrued partner's pension and orphan's pension during your participation in the pension plan. If you pass away, your partner is entitled to a partner's pension and your children receive an orphan's pension. When you retire, you choose whether and what percentage your partner receives of the old-age pension after your death.

Orphan's pension

In most cases, benefits are arranged for your children when you pass away. Your child will receive the orphan's pension from your death until your child turns 21. If your child is still studying, your child will receive the orphan's pension until age 27. Stepchildren and foster children are also eligible for the orphan's pension. A maximum of five children are eligible for the orphan's pension. You can see the amount of the orphan's pension on your Uniform Pension Statement in My NPF Pension.

Definition of a partner

Nedlloyd Pension Fund defines a partner as the person with whom you are married or in a registered partnership before your retirement date. If you live together, you and your partner must meet all three conditions to be eligible for a partner's pension:

  1. You have entered into a cohabitation agreement with the notary in which you designate each other as beneficiaries of a partner's pension.
  2. You have lived together for at least six months.
  3. You have registered your partner with Nedlloyd Pension Fund.

Register partner only when living together

If you are married or in a registered partnership, Nedlloyd Pension Fund automatically receives your partner's details through the municipality.

If you live together, this is not the case. Then you must register your partner with us yourself. Send a copy of your cohabitation agreement to Nedlloyd Pension Fund. We will then register your partner. If you have not entered into a cohabitation agreement, your partner is not eligible for the benefit if you pass away.